Planning & Coordination

Event Management

With years of experience in the wedding business, I have witnessed many beautiful moments but also the craziest incidents!

We all plan for and expect the best but sometimes things just don’t go as we hoped. I have seen the most beautiful cakes melt in the heat, brides get so emotional and anxious they faint, florists deliver the wrong flowers, make-up artists call in sick, PA systems fail during speeches. The list goes on!

We are more than just coordinators, we are your partners on and before your big day. We will help you to handle the difficult or unexpected situations or any emotional challenges that you may experience throughout the process.

Prior to your wedding, we will work with you and everyone involved to develop and agree upon a work schedule and itinerary. We will then ensure everybody understands their part in the plan and operate behind the scenes to see everything is delivered as agreed. With us by your side you can relax and enjoy your special day with friends, family and guests which is exactly what your weddings should be about!