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From planning, designing, styling your event to providing you with all of your floral and decor needs, Kate and her team has a cultivated eye for details and can help you to transform any venue space into your dream wedding.

We take a personalised approach to wedding styling and specialise in bespoke event designs. We create each floral piece from scratch and customise every detail of your wedding so your special day is unique, personalised and a perfect reflection of your vision and personality.

Start your journey with us by getting your estimated online quote (form below). We cannot wait to hear all about your wedding and for the opportunity to work with you and create magic for your special day.

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When you are thinking to book your Floral & Styling with us, we will be taking care of the following components:

 your Bridal Flowers (i.e. bouquets, buttonholes etc),
your Ceremony Flowers and Decor and
your Reception Flowers and Decor.

Our starting price for this complete package is $8,000 with approximately $800 for bridal flowers, $1,200 for Ceremony, $4,000 for Reception and $2,000 on Delivery, Setup, Styling and Pack-down. 

1. Choose your items

Fill in the form below to pick and choose the products and services you want us to help you with. This will help us put together an estimate quote for you.

2. Submit your order

When you’re happy with your selection, submit the form and an online estimated quote will be sent to you via email immediately.

3. Secure your booking

If you’re happy with our estimated quote which we’ll email through after you submit the form, you can proceed with the call schedule to chat details with our Planner and Stylist, Kate and secure your booking.

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    Services required

    Tick the product and services you require below and leave anything you don't need blank.

    Yes, I'd like this service.--1

    Yes, I'd like this service.

    This is similar to our Wedding Planning service package listed above, except there is no “full planning” component.

    Yes, I'd like this service.--1

    Yes, I'd like this service.--1


    Your brief for Floral & Styling

    Bridal bouquet

    Bridesmaid bouquets





    Flowers along the pew ends or aisle chairs

    Floral Arch (arch included)

    Florals for Signing Table


    Bridal Table (Please use the table's length in meters as your quantity)

    Guest table (round) - Tall centrepieces, stands included

    Guest tables (round) - Low centrepieces

    Guest table (long) - Low centrepiece runner (Please use the table's length in meters as your quantity)

    Other smaller floral décor - e.g: cake, registration table, welcome sign, etc.


    Delivery, Setup, Styling, and Pack-down includes all 3 locations: home for bridal flowers, Ceremony, and Reception. These services are automatically included in your quote.

    Delivery, setup & styling (automatically included)

    Packdown & setup support (automatically included)


    Throw away bouquets, flowers and décor for registration, signing table, welcome sign, seating chart, B&G chairs, tea lights and candle accessories are included as complimentary for briefs which are over $10k worth.


    We also offer these additional products. However, they will be discussed and quoted after you receive your above quotes and book in the Consultation call with us.

    Floral Hanging Piece

    Ceiling Installation (floral, crystal, chandeliers)


    Chandeliers & Lighting



    Furniture (tables, chairs, lounge, stage, acrylic wrap)

    Tableware (plates, glassware, cutlery, napkins, linen etc)

    Signage and Props


    If you'd like to include images that inspire your wedding styling, please attach it here. If you have more than one image, please provide them in a collage format. See an example by clicking here.

    (max image size: 5MB)


    Press "Send" when you are finished filling in your brief, and a quote will be emailed to you shortly.

    Are Kate’s services for me?

    Our couples are at the heart of what we do. We plan, design and style with our couple’s vision and personality in mind and endeavour to deliver not just the wedding but an unforgettable experience for all of our clients. 

    Our services are designed for couples who are after a bespoke wedding design and those who need a professional Wedding Planner, Designer and Stylist by their side. With extensive insight and experience in the wedding industry, Kate and her team will be there to guide and support you with every single step you take during your planning and styling journey and help you to turn your dream wedding ideas into reality.

    Our service is NOT suitable for those who would like to DIY their flowers, decor and MC. We adhere to the industry professional standards and pride ourselves in providing world-class wedding experience for our couples.

    Take a quick look at what our past clients have said about us and start your wedding planning and styling journey with us here by clicking on the link below!

    A few words from our happy couples

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